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Ayurveda House in Hokkaido, Japan12 Aug

Ayurveda House in Hokkaido, Japan is newly open!

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Next Course Starting in Jan 202017 Dec

A new course will start from Jan 29, 2020.

Only 5 seats left!

Please click here for course details.

Any question? Please feel free to contact us.

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Crystal Bowl Sound Healing12 Dec

Vibrational Sound Therapy with Etsuko

Come and enjoy an hour of inner peace

with the sound of the Crystal Bowls. For relaxation and peace of mind.

Cost: $20
Where: Byron Ayurveda College (Shop 1 & 6 / 5/11 Middleton St (opposite the Court House), Byron Bay)
When: Saturday, 9:00-10:00am, 10:30-11:30am
Prior booking is essential due to limited spaces.
Tel: 0434618493 (Etsuko) or
02 6680 8788 (Byron Ayurveda Center)

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Statements from an Advanced Diploma Graduate 201930 Sep

During my time at Ayurveda College I have observed the compassion moreover generosity of Professor Chandler through providing much more training than the TP requirements and answering all our questions and offering endless spiritual, emotional & financial support to those in need including: Offering his valuable time to listen to students troubles & hardships then giving compassionate advice based on his 42 plus years of learning and experience to offer guidance, help and assistance to relieve their suffering; offering course fee help when student financial circumstance change (I took more than a year after the course officially finished to pay off my course fees); offering free refreshments and fresh hot meals to all students as well as their family & friends that might attend the college moreover, free medicines & treatments to students including at times their family & loved ones especially when these students have found themselves in a position where they need assistance as with myself, Flavia, Anna, Tiana & Kayo plus many more students over the years not mentioned here. It is my opinion that Professor Chandler goes far beyond his responsibility as a Principle of an educational facility, an educator of Classical Ayurveda in order to help moreover serve people, helping people to achieve the very thing Ayurveda exemplifies as well as embraces including spiritual, mental emotional and physical health simply by following the Ayurvedic Framework as provided by Professor Chandler. 
In closing I would in no way hold Professor Chandler the Principle Trainer at Ayurveda College responsible for the situation I had found myself in, that is having to re-sit the Final Assessments in order to secure my Advance Diploma of Ayurvedic Medicine. Professor Chandler has made every attempt every effort to guide, educate, to help and support me achieve my goal that is to gain the Advance Diploma of Ayurvedic Medicine Qualification, a situation I believe was available to all students that achieved an unsatisfactory result in past assessments. Looking back, I must say that I have gained tremendous knowledge, skills and confidence by studying and practicing under the guidance of Prof. Chandler to complete my course and have no hesitation in saying that without such valuable training and help I (My Ayurveda Practice and the others’ who did not complete the course) would have been a potential risk to the public. I am truly appreciative of the opportunities that Professor Chandler has presented so graciously to me, I look forward to repaying in kind by becoming a very consensus exponent/ practitioner of Classical Ayurveda. My enquiries and questions remain welcome even much after my graduation. I very highly recommend Ayurveda College to everyone.
With Great Respect Gratitude & Appreciation

Peter Sherman
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Advanced Diploma Graduates 201930 Sep

Congratulations, all our Advanced Diploma graduates in 2019. Happy smile♬

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2019 Diploma Graduates30 Sep

Congratulation to all our Diploma graduates in 2019! We are so proud of you and grateful of being part of your Ayurvedic journey. All the best.

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Ayurveda means “The Science of Healthy Living” or “The Art of Healing”.
It is acknowledged to be the world’s most ancient & wholistic health care system. Ayurveda has been handed down over thousands of years as an oral tradition (Until the last 5000 years). Originally from India, Ayurveda is now gaining prominence throughout the world. Read more

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