Education and Training

Eligibility:  18 year-old adults.
Applicants with a non-English speaking background are required to have an adequate level of English language to undertake our courses. Language, literacy and numeracy assistance is provided. English language proficiency will be assessed before enrollment is confirmed. No prior experience is required to enroll in the Diploma of Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant course. For the Advanced Diploma course having done the Diploma course is a pre requisite.

Delivery methods:

For our courses, TWO days a week, face to face class attendance is mandatory, with an additional 12 hours learning a week required for scheduled assignments and research work

And students must achieve Satisfactory results in all their assessments/assignments in every study period of their course.

Our entire training is provided face-to-face at our College and Clinics.

Courses will be delivered in a variety of methods including face to face lectures, demonstration by trainers and supervisors, practical clinic classes, individual and group work, projection slides, computer imaging, case scenarios, clinical experience, guest speakers, excursion to botanical gardens and to Ayurveda House at Kyogle, NSW etc., lectures and presentations. Emphasis is on hands on training and students will be trained to do Consultations in clinic, provide advice on Nutrition, Massage, blend Ayurvedic oils & medicine, Ayurvedic cooking, therapeutic Yoga and much more.

Shirodhara, Abhyanga,  Shiro Abhyanga, Kati Basti, Uro Basti, Sat Karma, Pancha Karma, Making Ayurvedic Medicine, Diagnosis, Prescriptions, Referrals, Reviews, Range of Ayurvedic Massage Therapies and cleanses, Management in Health and illness, Management of Chronic illness and introduction to Meditation are some of the important ingredients of the Advanced Diploma Course in Ayurveda.

Wholistic Assessment methods: Student’s knowledge and application skills will be assessed based on a combination of tasks such as case scenarios, clinic performance, case taking/ consulting, providing therapies, communication skills, home assignments, practical demonstrations, oral questions and written assessments etc. taking into consideration the entire course curriculum. (see timetable for details)

The CEO will Provide/ arrange for all possible support to individual students throughout the duration of the course and will also personally monitor their progress in the course itself.

Equipment and facilities: Equipment and facilities available to students during class and clinic are the best in the country and include reference library, student shop, photocopier, computer, printer, massage beds, linen and a range of Ayurvedic herbs & oils etc., fully equipped Ayurvedic Clinics and other products. Comprehensive notes are provided by the college.

Students are welcome to experience Our Ayurveda Professional Clinic therapies at discounted prices. Student discounts are also offered on our entire range of Organic Ayurvedic products.

The meaning of Ayurveda

Ayurveda means “The Science of Healthy Living” or “The Art of Healing”.
It is acknowledged to be the world’s most ancient & wholistic health care system. Ayurveda has been handed down over thousands of years as an oral tradition (Until the last 5000 years). Originally¬†from India,¬†Ayurveda is now gaining prominence throughout the world. Read more

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