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HLT62615 Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda (CRICOS Code 089379G)
This is a Nationally Recognised Training Course in Ayurveda

Full time study starting in 2021

Enrollment Procedures

“This qualification reflects the role of Ayurvedic practitioners who possess well developed cognitive and communication skills plus specialised knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine that allows them to formulate responses to specific therapeutic needs. Practitioners at this level may be self-employed as independent practitioners or work in a larger health service.

To achieve this qualification, the candidate must have completed 400 hours of work as detailed in the Assessment Requirements of units of competency.

No licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.

Course Contents (Please view this link to see what we are teaching in this course):

Brochure Contents Taught in Courses

The Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda trains you as a Practitioner in Ayurvedic Therapeutic and Remedial Care.
It includes detailed Ayurvedic Diagnosis & Health Care, Therapeutics & Remedial Therapies and Treatments, including Ayurvedic Medicine, in depth Case taking & Presciption of Ayurvedic Remedies & therapies, Remedial & Deep tissue  Abhyanga – Massage, Classical Panchakarma cleanses, Nutrition advice , Shirodhara, Chavati, Pinda Sveda, Bastis, etc. It also includes a vast range of Ayurvedic manufacturing procedures: Cooking of Ayurvedic medicinal oils, Ghees, Lehams, Decoctions and Tabletts.

Our extensive hands on training prepares you for entry into the work force or your own practice, with ongoing support available.

Further studies for Graduates after the Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda are offered by our College right here in Australia, in Byron Bay & Kyogle.

International Students can only enrol in a Full Time course of min. 20 Hours per week face to face classes and are to complete their course within the duration specified on their CoE. Your Course attendance and Course progress will be monitored regularly.

Duration: 132 weeks (full time)

For our courses, Two full days and one half day of face to face class attendance is mandatory, with an additional 12 hours learning a week required for scheduled assignments and research work

And students must achieve Satisfactory results in all their assessments/assignments in every study period of their course.

Our training is provided face-to-face at our College and Clinics.

Since millions of years to the present time, Ayurveda has always been taught face-to-face. All the Ayurveda Colleges in India teach Ayurveda face-to-face not by correspondence, online or webinars.

Timetable Subject to change

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Fees: Enrolment Fee $500 and Course Tuition Fees $20,100.

Pay the entire course tuition fee with weekly installment of $155/week

We offer an Installment plan that can be tailored to your needs. There are no ongoing costs. Comprehensive notes are provided by the college. Students and their immediate family members can have professional consultations, therapies and our entire product range at student prices (much lower than wholesale and retail). Tea, coffee and Ayurvedic vegetarian lunch are provided for all classes at no cost. After completion of course, assistance is offered to set up your own clinic or with employment. Practical Clinic training everyday of the course.

Please contact us for further information. info@ayurvedahouse.com.au

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Enrollment Procedures

A Diploma of Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation is a prerequisite for the Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda at our college. 

400 clinic hours must be completed in the Advanced Diploma course.

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The meaning of Ayurveda

Ayurveda means “The Science of Healthy Living” or “The Art of Healing”.
It is acknowledged to be the world’s most ancient & wholistic health care system. Ayurveda has been handed down over thousands of years as an oral tradition (Until the last 5000 years). Originally from India, Ayurveda is now gaining prominence throughout the world. Read more

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