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Ayurveda College has withdrawn its registration with ASQA as a RTO and CRICOS Provider w.e.f 24th March 2023 and will no longer issue eCoEs to enrol Overseas Students.

Ayurveda College has been teaching Classical Ayurveda courses in Australia since 1977.
These course are NOT VET Courses, as defined by the VET Act 2011 quoted hereafter.
“National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011 No. 12, 2011

VET course means: (a)  the units of competency of a training package that is endorsed by the Ministerial Council; or (b)  the modules of a VET accredited course; or
(c)  the modules of a course accredited by a VET Regulator of a nonreferring State.
VET qualification means a testamur, relating to a VET course, given to a person
confirming that the person has achieved learning outcomes and competencies that satisfy
the requirements of a qualification”.

At the Ayurveda College we offer, evaluate, develop and disseminate Classical Ayurveda Natural Health and Wellbeing programs. These programs foster ethical, spiritual, professional and social development and strive to deepen commitment to:

  • The individual’s Health and Wellbeing and Spiritual beliefs
  • Pro-social values, such as compassion, helpfulness and service, personal
    responsibility and respect for all.

Ayurveda believes these qualities are essential for Healthy Living. Ayurveda, made up of two words Ayus and Veda meaning The Science of Life- Healthy
Living has Four major components:
The Soul
The Mind
The Sense Organs and their expressions/ use
The Body

Our training courses are NOT VET courses (As defined above) or components thereof, they focus mostly on the The Soul/ Spirit, Mind, Sense organs, Social Law as taught by almost all the Enlightened Spiritual Masters and the body and its ailments (Mostly linked to the Soul, Mind and the Sense organs). Appropriate Diet and Lifestyle cooking and hands on Practicals to suit the Six Seasons and demography are major parts of our courses only taught Face to Face as per Ayurvedic tradition.

There is only One subject- Classical Ayurveda.
The titles of the two courses (Taught since 1977) imply the two levels of the course, with the third and fourth levels to be added at a later date.

Please Note: Most Visa holders can study or train in Australia for a period of Three months, without a Student Visa (Ref: Immigration website     immi.homeaffairs.gov.au.     check Visa details and conditions)

For all training course enquiries, please send us an email with Your full name, phone number, address etc.


We will call you back within 24hrs to arrange an informall interview before accepting application (Skype/ Facetime etc. interview may be arranged if required.)

Ayurveda Introductory Course -16 weeks, 1 day a week (Sunday) 9am-4pm @$170 a day

Diploma of Ayurveda ($1000 discount if enrolling by 10th of May 2023)

-16 weeks, 1 day a week (Sunday), 9am-4pm @$125 a week

Integrated Clinic Training to commence after 16 weeks

Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda (For Diploma of Ayurveda graduate) ($4000 discount if enrolling by 8th of May 2023)

-16 weeks, 1 day a week (Monday), 9am-4pm @$125 a week

-106 weeks, 2 days a week (Monday & Tuesday), 9am-4pm @$220

Integrated Clinic Training to commence after 16 weeks

For over 49 years, people from all over the world have come to Ayurveda House to learn Classical Ayurveda – “The Science of Healthy Living” and “The Art of Healing” and have realized their individual pathways to health, and spirituality.

 “I welcome you to our practical, hands on Training Courses in Classical Ayurveda and to our Health and Beauty Centre at Byron Bay.”
Prof. Jason Chandler