Ayurveda means “The Science of Healthy Living & The Art of Healing” and in a limited sense, commonly understood as “The Science of Indian Medicine”. The World Health Organisation acknowledges Ayurveda as the world’s most ancient, scientific, holistic and complete health care system. It is originally from India and rapidly gaining prominence throughout the world.

As per Ayurveda, the individual body is composed of the five Mahabhoutas (Elements) namely: Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth.

In the body these Five Mahabhoutas are explained in terms of the three Doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha Energies (the five elements condensing to three doshas), the seven Dhatus (Body tissues) and the three Malas (Body wastes), applicable to humans, animals and plants.

In medicine, food, & the environment, these Elements are represented by Rasa (taste), Guna (qualities), Virya (potency) and Vipaka (post digestive taste) and Prabhava (special effects).

In Ayurveda the physiological and the psychological functions of the body are known to be intricately interwoven, with the body having a natural tendency to maintain equilibrium for optimum health. Ayurveda is the most comprehensive health care system and takes into consideration the Body, Mind, Emotions and the Soul. For maintenance of optimum health, Lifestyle changes are essential in response to Stress, environmental and seasonal variations.

In this holistic science, Ayurveda considers the following, as most relevant to work out a health assessment/treatment plan: The environment (external/internal), diet, lifestyle, family traditions, work and home conditions, emotional and physical toxins, society, age, sex, individual constitution with its strengths and weaknesses, the quality of the mind, qualities of food, acquired, inherited, environmental and Karmic influences.

Some of the Ayurvedic treatments are: Life style correction, Ayurvedic Facials, Shirodhara, Massages with a variety of herbal oils to suit the individual and the Season in which treatment is given, Full body steam and herbal Ubtan/ Lepa paste treatments, Satkarma cleanses, Meditation, Jyotish, Cleanses and detoxifications, Pancha-karma, oils, herbs, diet & nutrition, herbal pastes, decoctions, tonics and rejuvenating treatments- Rasayana &Vajikarana etc. These are used not only in sickness but for regular maintenance of health as well. Through Ayurveda the practical knowledge of self-healing can be acquired by all.