Prof. Jason Chandler


Jason Chandler is a graduate of Tibetan Medicine (Tibet), graduate of Ayurvedic Medicine (India), Natural Therapies (Australia, Japan, USA), graduate Cert IV & Diploma of Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation and graduate Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda (Australia), graduate Diploma of Ayurveda, and has a Bachelors Degree of Communication.

He is an accredited trainer and assessor and has been teaching and practicing Ayurveda in Australia for over 48 years. He has also been teaching Ayurveda in India, Japan, Hongkong, Singapore and USA. With early training in Tibetan Monastery followed with intensive Ayurveda training in Tibet & India.

Jason is well respected around the world for his knowledge and experience in Classical Ayurveda and invites you to participate in our training courses and Clinic.

To book a Professional Ayurvedic Specialist Consultation with Prof. Chandler, you must be referred by our Advanced Diploma practitioners. Please call 02 66808788 or 0408485778 to make an appointment with our Advanced Diploma graduate practitioners.      CC to: