Learn Ayurveda the best way we know – through practical training under professional supervision. We guarantee Professional Ayurvedic Training and access to equipment in practical settings that is the best in the industry with the most hands-on practical and clinical training hours.

No mobile phones are allowed in the class or clinic.

The Ayurveda College is Celebrating its 49th  anniversary in Education, Training and Practice of Classical Ayurveda in Australia. Our well trained and experienced staff are committed to providing you with Professional Life long Quality Training in Theory and Practice of Ayurveda. Right from the beginning you will be introduced to “Hands on” practical training, including manufacturing of Ayurvedic medicinal oils, ghees, decoctions, lehams & tablets etc. A wide range of Ayurvedic  Massage techniques, Health and Beauty Therapies, Ayurvedic Vegetarian Cooking, Therapeutic Yoga, Sat Karma, introduction to meditation and much more.

We offer Professional Education and Training in Ayurveda:

             Please send an e-mail for new course starting in May 2023

            Please send an e-mail for new course starting in 2023

Ayurveda Practitioner Level Training

Please note: 

For our courses, One or Two full days of face to face class attendance is mandatory, with an additional 12 hours learning a week required for scheduled assignments and research work.

Students must achieve Satisfactory results in all their assessments/assignments in every study period of their course.

Ayurveda College is committed in supporting you during and after your course. Student Support


Detailed information:

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The Ayurveda College Pty. is located in  Byron Bay & Kyogle 

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