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Douggie Hyde: Past pupil of Ayurveda College

My name is Douggie Hyde and I graduated from Ayurveda College in June 2007 with an Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda. When I embarked upon this journey I didn’t realize how much it would reshape my life.  It has not only provided me with a new career but a whole new outlook. After graduation I returned to Ireland to set up a practice with my partner Yvette. I am delighted to say that our clinic is gaining momentum and people are responding positively to this ancient science and its’ traditional values. Words cannot convey how much I deeply appreciate the guidance that Jason Chandler has provided me.

 My experience at the college was tremendous and more importantly the training I received was excellent. Classes were always fascinating and the Ayurvedic treatments were taught in a fun & easy to learn manner. After having studied in a formal university I found the delivery of the lectures at the college refreshing. Often the content was linked with real life events & stories. Personally, this made the information more comprehendible & easy to retain (even now these stories spring to mind in my day-to-day practice). There was never a dull moment at the college, Jason would always infuse the day with humour, stories, personal experiences and such a phenomenal wealth of knowledge it was hard to get bored. I also really enjoyed the practical side of things, such as learning how to make medicines (always an exciting affair) & how to cook. The knowledge of combining tastes, spices & ingredients was an integral part of the course and one that offered great satisfaction, particularly for my taste buds (fond memories of sweet semolina and tasty pakoras still make my mouth water).

 When I decided to open up my own clinic in Ireland, I felt prepared as Jason’s steadfast belief in Ayurveda instilled in me both a confidence in what I was practicing and in my abilities as a practitioner. The importance of effective communication was always highlighted. The ability to listen, observe and respond in a kind and effective manner is a prized skill and was always taught and encouraged by Jason. The support I received from Jason & Nadja at the college and student clinic provided a wealth of knowledge that allowed an easy transition to my own clinical practice. At the student clinic we gained invaluable experience in the day-to-day running of a clinic. We got to treat real clients with real problems. We were encouraged to take & discuss many clinical cases, provide treatments and develop health plans for clients.

 Although studying at Ayurveda College was often challenging there were many times that my belly hurt from laughing; even when doing Ayurvedic cleanses we still had fun. I would advise any current/prospective students to take every opportunity to spend as much time as possible learning from such wonderful and experienced teachers. Ayurveda College is more than a college; it’s like a family and even though I am now living on the opposite side of the world I still feel very connected.

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