Ayurveda Clinics & Pharmacies:

In  Byron Bay – besides the Clinic we are operating a pharmacy with a wide range of Ayurvedic products.

Our Clinic & Pharmacy in Kyogle is open to our students. Consultations may be arranged at this premise, by prior appointment only.

All our staff at the clinics are graduates from the Ayurveda College. They are very understanding, supporting, friendly and helpful. We take pride in practising classical Ayurveda. Which means that  every one of our clients receives a personalised treatment plan. A short case history is taken before each treatment so that the therapy may be suited to ones constitution and current health situation. Further suggestions and recomendations, considering diet, herbs & other therapies may be offered.The Traditional Ayurvedic aproach is to start with diet and Nutrition as well as lifestyle changes and then  to continue with detox cleanses and therapies followed by Ayurvedic herbs and supplements.

In all our Clinics we provide classical massage, head massage, full body massage, steam therapies and many other therapies for rejuvenation, relaxation and  well-being.

Call us for detailed Information. Or download the brochure and get a first picture of the various treatments and therapies.

Also read some more about Prof. Jason Chandler, the founder and CEO of the Ayurveda College Pty. Ltd.


The meaning of Ayurveda

Ayurveda means “The Science of Healthy Living” or “The Art of Healing”.
It is acknowledged to be the world’s most ancient & wholistic health care system. Ayurveda has been handed down over thousands of years as an oral tradition (Until the last 5000 years). Originally from India, Ayurveda is now gaining prominence throughout the world. Read more

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Nationally Recognised Training (RTO Provider No. 31161)
Overseas Students welcome:
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